Coach Terry Jones on the Issues

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According to a recent survey by the nonpartisan Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, 79% of Alabamians believe funding for public education is inadequate, and I couldn’t agree more. The career politicians in Montgomery have been wreaking havoc on our public schools. 

Here’s how we’re going to fix it:

  • Allow the people of Alabama to vote on an education lottery.

  • Invest in expanding Pre-K programs to give all children an early start.

  • Adequately fund effective programs like the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) and the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI).

  • Increase the availability of training programs and technical schools.

  • Repeal the Alabama Accountability Act, which siphons funds out of the education fund and sends them to private companies.

  • Offer teachers professional development to retain good educators in our classrooms.

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I support a minimum wage increase AND a strong business-oriented atmosphere. 
These two things are not mutually exclusive.  To support both, we must:

  • Repair and develop our state's infrastructure, which will create jobs and stimulate industry.

  • Create workforce development programs to train workers for skilled labor positions within the community.

  • Hold businesses that receive tax subsidies accountable for creating the jobs they promise.

  • Give Alabama businesses preference in state- and local-government contracts.

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Open Government

For the last few years, Alabama politics have been plagued by power grabs and scandal.  Gerrymandering has robbed our district of fair representation.  I believe in doing what is right, regardless of party.  That includes:

  • Closing the "legislature-to-lobby" revolving door to prevent legislators from resigning in order to take high-paying lobbyist jobs.

  • Strengthening the state's Open Meetings Act to provide transparency in government affairs.

  • Creating term limits for members of the legislatur

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My wife Jenni is a school nurse, and so I have seen up close the value of good health.  It is essential to me that everyone have access to the healthcare they need.  To ensure our community is healthy, I will:

  • Work to ensure that hard-working, low-income members of our community have access to, and knowledge of, preventive medicine.

  • Help children thrive by ensuring that they have good health care.

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Voting Access

We are all citizens of this county, and we all deserve a voice and a vote.  To make sure we have this, I will:

  • Work for easy access to voting for all eligible citizens.

  • Support early voting and Saturday voting initiatives, so that people will not have to choose between working or voting.